I GOT THIS Golf Camp

Golf Camp is the Foundation’s flagship program (formerly IGT Academy) and is the perfect opportunity for Athletes 13+ with intellectual disabilities to enjoy an introduction to golf, led by professional golf instructors. This is perfect for those new to the game or for those who have attended an I GOT THIS Discovery Golf Clinic looking to continue their golf journey. The Camp delivers golf basics as we create a strong foundation for golf. Over ten hours spanning five days, professional golf instructors teach Athletes about grip, posture, stance, set up, half and full swings, short game, and putting. Critical to the Athlete’s success is the introduction of a Playing Partner. A Playing Partner works alongside the Athlete, mentors them and helps further their golf journey beyond Golf Camp. Playing Partners are typically a family member or close adult friend. With their newly acquired skills, Athletes can practice with family and friends at a driving range, visit popular venues like Topgolf and even practice on the course.

The culmination of the I GOT THIS Golf Camp is a Skills Showcase where Athletes have an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities alongside their Playing Partners, in front of family, friends, and sponsors.

The I GOT THIS Golf Camp can be scheduled anywhere in the United States and requires a minimum of six Athlete/Playing Partner teams and a maximum of twelve. The instructor ratio is six Athletes to one instructor.  

The I GOT THIS Golf Camp Format

  • Trained, professional I GOT THIS Instructors (1 instructor for every 6 Athletes)
  • Minimum of 6 Athletes and a maximum of 12 per Camp.
  • Each Athlete requires a Playing Partner.
  • No previous golf experience or equipment needed.
  • Golf Camp runs over the course of five days, for between 2-2.5 hours per day.
  • Each class builds upon what is learned the day before.
  • Day 5 is the Skills Showcase. Family and friends are encouraged to attend to see the demonstration of the Athlete's learned skills.
  • Golf Camp is designed as the next step after completing an I GOT THIS Discovery Golf Clinic.

For the I GOT THIS Golf Camp schedule please visit our Event Calendar page by clicking below.

Event Calendar

To inquire about a Camp for your area, please submit your information through the Contact Us tab at the top of this page. The Camp’s continuing goal is to not only develop great golfing talent but to create a better, stronger, and more inclusive golfing community.

“The I Got This Foundation hopes that this inaugural Golf Camp will serve as a golf teaching and instructional model for athletes with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” says Lindsey Corbin, President of the I Got This Foundation.

“This initiative will pave the way for these athletes to play alongside friends and family, compete in leagues with peers, join high school golf teams and enjoy a lifelong skill that delivers many rewards and rich experiences. The Camp not only reflects my sister Amy’s passion for the sport but also helps her pay it forward, giving others the opportunity to experience the many joys of golf.”