I GOT THIS Instructor Academy

​At the I GOT THIS Foundation, we believe that through professional golf instruction we provide our Athletes every opportunity to find success on the course and the ability to play their best golf. As our programs expand to new cities across the country, we look to train instructors. The I GOT THIS Instructor Academy is an online program that educates professionals on the  I GOT THIS Methodology where they can become I GOT THIS Certified Instructors.

Online Instructor Certification

We have proudly partnered with the National Alliance for Accessible Golf to present our online instructor program to present new tools to add to an instructor's toolbox.   Tools that will foster better communication and understanding between instructors and athletes with intellectual disabilities or impairments.

The I GOT THIS Instructor Academy provides a fresh and universal approach to teaching the basics of golf.  Our goal is to reach more golfers by sharing our methods of instruction with more professional teachers to create more “I GOT THIS” moments for athletes of all skill levels. 

We work to drive the same results of any other instructor. Create the best stance, create a smooth and repeatable swing and move the ball forward.  Executing these three things delivers an enjoyable experience on the course.

The difference in the I GOT THIS Golf Academy approach is the method by which we deliver the lessons.