I GOT THIS Championship Presenting Sponsor Grant Thornton

Jan 17, 2024


The 2nd annual I GOTTHIS Championship tees off at Augusta Ranch Golf Club in Phoenix

The tournament, presented by Grant Thornton, will host athletes withintellectual disabilities from across the nation.

Glendale, AZ (01/17/2024) – The IGOT THIS Foundation, dedicated to promoting golf instruction and playingopportunities for people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities,announced their 2nd annual I GOT THIS Championship. Held at theAugusta Ranch Golf Club in Phoenix Feb. 17 – 18, 2024, the tournament will bringtogether nearly 40 athletes with intellectual disabilities hailing from ninestates. Among the participants is Amy Bockerstette, co-founder of the I GOTTHIS Foundation.


Building on the success of last year’s tournament, this year’schampionship has been extended to run for two days. With 18 holes ofindependent play each day, the tournament will also incorporate a short gameclinic led by I GOT THIS Foundation’s Lead Instructor Matt Acuff.


"Our families will find themselves immersed in an environmentdesigned for them from the moment they step on the course, rather than one thatmerely makes accommodations,” said Tracy Hupko, Executive Director of the I GOTTHIS Foundation. “We are dedicated to providing our athletes with the samequality experiences as any other golf tournament.”


Earlier this year, GrantThornton, tournament sponsor and one of America’s largest providersof audit and assurance, tax and advisory services, namedthe I GOT THIS Foundation as one of its Purple Paladins.The Paladin program helps emerging nonprofit organizations with funding,business advice, volunteer support, and raises awareness for the organization’swork and mission.


As part of the program, the I GOT THIS Foundation participated inthe Grant Thornton Invitational, a mixed-team golftournament that saw LPGA Tour and PGA TOUR players compete together in a uniqueco-sanctioned event last December 2023. During the tournament, the Foundationhosted a Discovery Golf Clinic that provided professional instruction to adultswith intellectual disabilities from the Naples area community.  


“We are delighted to witness first-handthe impact of the I GOT THIS Foundation. Seeing the sheer joy among theathletes, instructors and volunteers was truly inspiring,” said Laura Eilts, Directorof Community Impact and Cause Marketing at Grant Thornton. “The I GOT THISFoundation has a mission that resonates with so many people and we are proud tosupport their efforts to empower those with intellectual disabilities throughsports and recreation. We believe that the Foundation’s work will continue tomake a positive impact on the lives of many individuals, their families, andcommunities across the country for years to come.”


I GOT THIS welcomes all community members to come support the playersand watch some amazing golf.  Anyoneinterested in volunteering for the championship may reach out to Tracy Hupko attracy@igotthis.foundation.For more information, visit www.igotthis.foundation/events




I GOT THIS Foundation, is a 501 (c)(3)nonprofit dedicated to providing golf instruction, playing opportunities, andorganized events, for people with Down syndrome and other intellectual anddevelopmental disabilities. The Foundation is committed to teaching people withDown syndrome and other intellectual disabilities to play golf, paving the wayfor them to compete in leagues with typical peers, join high school teams and evenobtain athletic college scholarships. Golf is a sport where everyone plays thesame game on the same field. Our vision is that people with intellectualdisabilities become included in those games.